ENTROPY is a collaboration with time and its namesake essential principle. It is a collection of 54 expired polaroid frames that were injected with a variety of paints, enamels, and solvents and then left to age and ‘develop’ in a way that was not as the manufacturer intended. The role of the artist in this series was that of a shepherd: adding the pigments and distributing them through the frame. However, as the photochemical ate away at the paint and they all became a conglomerate of pigment and miniature reactions the pieces took on a life of their own. Over the course of a year, they slowly dried and melded independently from the artist and fully in the hands of molecular randomness. Humidity, temperature, and sun exposure altogether took their turns in altering each frame. The intricate patterns of dots and washes of color are all from those unseen hands. ENTROPY represents the ever-present co-authorship all creators share with the passing of time. The passing of the clock has an equal stake in interpretation as the own work and intentions of the person holding the brush. The act of translating internal visions into external realities is inherently a process that adds its own insight to the initial concept, no matter how skilled or experienced the artist. The act of creation is a chess game with unseen forces that we must work with, not against.  
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