"An instant photograph is not merely a photograph, it is a chemical interpretation of the conditions it was captured within. The atmosphere in which an image is taken has just as much say in the photograph as the light that flows through the lens and my own intentions. I don’t approach instant photography the same way I approach any other format. I often combine these chemical reactions with various enamels and solvents to further contruct my work, altering the captured reality. This machine is an interpreter of the world, a new pair of eyes. These are the eyes of an outsider; I suppose that’s why we get along. As a queer woman with autism, my otherness causes me to ask questions and dig where someone neurotypical may not think to look. I find deep interest in the performance of human interaction and the customs we have established to make the word run smoothly. These things: the pursuit of aesthetics, daily interactions, and presentation of identity do not come naturally to me. While in my undiagnosed adolescence this was a cause of isolation, I now see it as my Dionysian gift. My work is an exploration of discomfort and the performance of the artist's introspection. The unease in question is often my own, the doors I'd rather leave painted shut. Although often this push for dissection is something I strive to provoke in the viewer through the lens of the bizarre and the unearthly but also the beautiful."

~ Veronica Wolfgang
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