I think of my work as tangential fragments arranged into a cultivated harmony. I'm a bit of a magpie, or if you recall the children's book, the Borrowers— that's an even more apt description. I collect things from my life no matter how insignificant. Think of it as modern archeology, sequestering away little scraps of moment's past. Arranging these borrowed elements within the topography of my work infuses it with much more than nicknacks, but integrates the untold story of each object. Thematically, my works deal semi-autobiographically with the processes of reclaiming the self and the overcoming of generational trauma.
I like working with often messy and unique materials & am very process driven. Even in photographic work, the feeling of a fleeting but pristine moment between the subject and environment is what matters the most. In a literal sense, I feel my way through my work. Sculpting my materials into forms that overtake the flat nature of their base. Everything that comes out of my studio is a hypothesis. My practice has always been grounded in the pleasure of process.

~ Veronica Wolfgang
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