Veronica Wolfgang is a Brooklyn based multimedia artist. They hold a BA in philosophy and history that they earned before turning 18. While academic and philosophical ideas occupy their mind, art has been the principal dancer in Wolfgang's life. Producing their signature topographically textured pieces since early adolescence. After graduating with their BA, they spent a year attending NYBG's program of botanical illustration with the motive of deepening their understanding of organic form and how to render them. While this was a crucial step in adding depth to Wolfgang's practice, they felt themselves drifting off to the realm of abstract art and alternative process photography. Developing severe carpel tunnel in their second summer of the program, Wolfgang been offered the perfect excuse to ditch figures and to embrace the world of the mind. Since then, their alternative process photography has been met with decent success showing in numerous 2020 group shows including at Shockboxx Gallery (Hermosa Beach, Ca), Millepaino (Rome), and PH21 Gallery (Budapest). Wolfgang now hopes to focus more in 2021 on showing their mixed media work as they make parallel progress in their writing career.
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